Thing 13: K12 Online Conferences

I chose to watch Digital Tools for Differentiating Vocabulary by Susan Oxnevad for my k12 online conference.  She categorized her vocabulary tools into two groups:  Those that take longer than ten minutes and those that are ten minute tools or less in which to use in the classroom.   The tools that took less than 10 minutes, Vocab Grabber, Wordle, and Lingro  might take more than 10 minutes depending whether or not you needed to type and paste the story/article into the word cloud generator.   If you can pull it digitally than this is truly easy and instant.  Once the article is “grabbed” then you can sort for words by subject, vocabulary, social studies, science, and more.   I’m not sure that I will use these in the classroom or not, maybe with Wonderopolis, but it’s good to have knowledge of them anyway.

The longer than 10 minute tools were ThingLink, Padlet (wallwisher formerly), InstaGrok, and Google Docs in presentation mode.  I’m in the process of making a Thinglink that I may use to introduce myself this fall and I started a Padlet that the students will be using on the first day.  I watched a video on Instagrok and for research purposes, there can’t be anything better.   I think my students will appreciate the different tools.   Oh, and there was which is definitely designed with vocabulary instruction in mind.  I hope to use some of these tools in my class, but not just for vocabulary instruction.

I like the online anytime professional development option.   Will I return later for more?  probably not:(  Maybe I will be scanning and skimming the newer stuff once school starts.  I did bookmark the site.  Here are the projects that are under construction.  I’m practicing embedding.

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